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Each Bones Race REDS Bearing is made with upgraded top quality bearing steel, ground to perfection and polished, best for racers who use precision trucks and properly tighten their axle nutsPrecision ground 0.200 built in spacer to provide perfect 0.400 spacing between bearings.Precision ground extended race eliminates the need for speed washers, and provides better alignment of the bearings when...

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Mini Logo™ Bearings are Skate Rated™, precision 608 bearings made to Skate One specifications. They have a removable rubber shield on one side, a removable metal shield on the other, a high speed molded ball retainer, precision ground and super-finished hardened chromium steel races and balls, and come pre-lubricated with Speed Cream™... twice the performance and half the price you...


3 Socket Design Shop brand all over print  Standard T- Grip Shape Includes Slide Out Screwdriver Set up your new whip with speed and style using Shop Brands all-in-one skate tool. The tool includes 3 different sockets - 9/16" for your trucks, 1/2" for wheels, and 3/8" for nuts and other hardware. Also including both a screwdriver for allen and...


Discount - £2.50 off each session when you purchase more than 3 sessions at a time. Applied automatically at checkout! Skateboarding is a thrilling and rewarding activity that can provide a sense of accomplishment and personal growth. Join our group session where up to 15 students learn and skate together in a safe environment guided by our instructors. Provides an opportunity for skateboarders to meet new...

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Sketti Butta  OG Blend - Pineapple scented  This super slippy buttery wax is perfect for curbs, rails and ledges. Pineapple scented - Wax it up and grind away free sticker inside 

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9”x33” Station Outline logo printed sheet


Select gift card value from the drop down bar menu Can be used on something of the same value from the website or put it towards something of a higher price. If the gift card value is of a higher amount than than the desired item a credit note will be issued for the remaining balance 

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• Deep Groove Raceways- balls roll deep in raceway channels - reduces side impact damage & breakage• Straight Edge Frictionless Shields- pop off resistant - holds oil in, dirt and moisture out- easy to clean• Micro Groove Raceway Surfaces- linear micro-groove surfaces improve bearing lubrication, speed and spin• Max Impact Cage Design- non- distortion custom cage keeps the balls precision...


Skate Shop Day T-Shirt (Black)


Willys hardware-1” Allen bolts-Paint platter    

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Shop Brand Skateboard Wheels 54 MM 99 DU

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Allen Bolts 1”


Indy Truck Standard Stage 11 Silver 149MM (pair)

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Modus - Black Bearings


Venture V Light Truck High ALL POLISHED 5.0 IN


Shake Junt - Bag O Bolts 1'' Allen - Green & Yellow


Shake Junt - Triple OG Abec 7 Bearings

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Venture V Hollow Truck Low ALL POLISHED 5.2


Perfect present for birthdays or Christmas Can be used In store to purchase items or put towards something of a higher value.  Can buy multiple value Illicit dollars to make up the amount you’d like to gift   Please specify if you’d like this sending as a Evoucher. A unique discount code will be issued with your dollar(s) to deduct...


Shop Brand Skateboard Wheels 52 MM 101DU


Independent Truck 149 Standard Silver 149 MM

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Independent Trucks 149 Stage 11 Silver Standard Skateboard Trucks: Independent team truck Super-lightweight Forged aluminium baseplate Hollow axles Hollow kingpins Suitable for all types of skateboarding Priced as a pair


Shake Junt - Bag O Bolts 1" Allen 


Sketti Butta - OG logo T-shirt (yellow) Big back logo Small lower front logo 


OG glow in the dark Sketti butta Same buttary og formula pineapple scented with added glow in the dark Large butta dude sticker extra glow

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Blue Bearings


Premium skate wax. Strawberry scented, Super buttary wax blend perfect for curbs , rails and ledges wax it up and grind away. Wrapped in wax paper with a free sticker.


Independent Trucks 144 Stage 11 Silver Standard Skateboard Trucks: Independent team truck Super-lightweight Forged aluminium baseplate Hollow axles Hollow kingpins Suitable for all types of skateboarding Priced as a pair

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Royal Standard Raw Truck - 5.25

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Royal Standard Raw Trucks

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