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DGK Regime Tee Orange 100% Cotton T-Shirt / Classic Fit / Printed Chest Art


100% Cotton Yarn Dye / Classic Fit  / Embroidered Center Chest Art / Lower Body Flag Label


The DGk Benjamins Bearings have been designed to give you a smooth fast roll. These bearings come in a Rack styled packaging.

Free Grip

DGK Major League Bilyeu Deck 8.25" Free Jessups grip 


DGK Drip Cream Wheels 51mm


DGK Grand Wheels 52mm


Dgk brings you all day durability combined with adjustable comfort with the all new O.G.S cargo pant. These pants come equipped with a built in gusset with spandex infused street-stretch ripstop fabric to give you an unrestricted range of motion. An all new updated YKK zipper added to enforce strength and durability for a longer lasting life. Adjustable pulls at...


DGK Civil Strapback

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