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Designed specifically for skateboarding, they're impact resistant with removable nylon cages, heat resistant with high carbon chromium steel rings, sport super polished honed races, and are built to last, guaranteed

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Spitfire is the World's #1 urethane for a reason... Performance.Only the most advanced formulas and compounds are used for all wheels.We achieve the highest levels in tolerance and true speed.Often imitated and never duplicated.Spitfire wheels are the standard by which all skateboard wheels are measured.RIDE THE FIRE🔥


Spitfire T Shirt Old E Orange/Red To Yellow Fade


Spitfire L/S T Shirt Bighead Ash/Orange


Spitfire Snapback Lil Bighead Navy/Red/Gold


Spitfire Wheels Bighead Shattered 99 White 52Mm


Spitfire Wheels Bighead Shattered 99 White 54

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