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Saturday Group Session Gift voucher (Ise Lodge) - 90 Minutes


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At Ise lodge skate park (Kettering) 

Perfect for Christmas. Vouchers can be delivered, collected in store or sent electronically & valid for one year from date of purchase. Please specify that the students name, date & time of lesson and who the voucher is from. We will create and deliver your voucher or send electronically.

In Illicit's experienced Skateboarding group session, up to 15 students will have the opportunity to improve their skills and techniques in a fun and supportive environment. The session will be led by an experienced instructor who will guide the students through advanced exercises and techniques to help them develop their skills.

While a private session may be more tailored to an individual's specific needs and goals, a group session can be great for building camaraderie and motivation among the students. They can encourage and support each other as they progress through the session, and the group dynamic can create a fun and energizing atmosphere.

Regardless of whether you choose a private or group session, the student can expect to have a lot of fun while learning new skills and techniques. Skateboarding is a thrilling and rewarding activity that can provide a sense of accomplishment and personal growth. With the guidance of a skilled instructor, the student will be able to take their skills to the next level and enjoy all that Skateboarding has to offer.

Illicit Skate School is backed by Skateboard GB, the national governing body for Skateboarding in England and the Home of Olympic Skateboarding in Great Britain.

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